Past Projects
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Get inspired!
Most of these were made from cheap materials (garage sale and thrift store finds). You're only limited by your imagination.

Our baby . . .

A face only a mother could love

Thrift store knicknacks provide a wealth of material!

Insulating foamboard, spray paint, and some epitaphs make for a custom graveyard

More knicknacks - customized in the Casa de Sade manner.

A dollar store plastic bucket, spray foam, and push lights . . .

The sconce was taken from someone's trash pile.

A plaster cast of a cheapo skull plaque, monster mud, paint, and a Goodwill frame.

Renoir never looked so good!

Just put plastic acetate over a poster, and freehand paint on top of the picture. Frame and voila!

Monster mud, plaster casting, spray foam . . . my most ambitious prop to date.

The hands are bent coat hangers covered with insulating foam. Cheap plastic fingernails.

He stands about 7 feet tall.

The base is loose chicken wire, spray foam, and embedded plaster skulls.