How to make "Devil Babies"
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A step-by-step guide
These props are small, but pack a wallop. I get more comments on these every year than just about anything else.

Step 1
Start with a cherub figurine. These can be picked up cheap at garage sales and thrift stores. This one cost me fifty cents.
Step 2
Use Sculpey clay (shown here in red) to form and attach the horns and to add pointed tips to the wings. Don't worry if the seams aren't perfectly smooth - the paint is very forgiving.
Step 2 (continued)
This one had a cute little teddy bear on its lap. I gave it horns and a tail as well!

When you're done molding, bake the whole thing according to the Sculpey directions. Let cool before painting.
Step 3
Painting -- I like to use DecoArt Sandstone paint (pictured). It gives great results and is cheaper than the stone look spray paint. You may find it helpful to dab the first coat on, particularly if the original figurine was heavily glazed. Smoosh the paint into corners and cracks.
Step 4
Paint with as many coats as desired. Let dry. Give it a clear coat of polyurethane or clear glaze. I prefer a matte finish to a shiny one.


This technique was used to create all the "devil baby" props pictured throughout the site, as well as the gargoyle cat on the project photo page.