How to Make Zombie Heads
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Making Zombie Heads
Using corpsing techniques, making zombie heads is easy, cheap, and fun!

WARNING: Do NOT use this method if you have, or suspect that you have, a latex sensitivity/allergy. Use an alternate corpsing method (such as carpenter's glue/kleenex)instead.

Gather your Materials
To make the heads, you need a foam wig head, latex carpet glue, "skin" medium like tissues and used dryer sheets, and finishing touches, such as eyeballs and teeth.
Prepare the Face
I like to take an old kitchen knife and detail the face a bit before applying the skin. I'm not fussy about the cutting -- inconsistencies will only enhance the "undead" look!
Apply Glue
Using an old brush, apply the latex carpet glue in a thick layer to a portion of the head.
Adding Skin
Smoosh tissues or dryer sheets into the glue. Brush more glue on top. Continue in layers until the head is covered. Place in the sun to dry (about 4-5 hours).
When dry, add paint. Be creative! Since I don't have an airbrush, I layer coats of different colored spray paint. This head has red, brown, black, and green paint.
Add Facial Features
I use hot glue to attach the eyes and teeth. The eyeballs were picked up at a local novelty store for 3.50. The teeth are a set of kiddie vampire fangs I got after Halloween last year for ten cents a pair. I cut them apart and use them for prop teeth.
Here he is - a face only a mother could love. I may go back and add some hair later. He could probably use a little more paint detail as well.

I plan to stake him and put him out in the yard with the rest of the undead, but this could easily be used for a static prop head as well.